Mazatlan, April, 2002 
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Arrival In Mazatlan: El Cid Resort & Marina
Joe's finger after stitching
Mazatlan Central Square Cathedral
2 Cruise Ships in Mazatlan Harbor
Anchorage in Mazatlan Harbor
Old Cathedral in Country outside Mazatlan
"Cliff" Diver Platform
Cliff Diver in Action
Making bricks by hand
Furniture "factory"
Mural painted on wall
One Man Band at Flea Market
Sunday Flea Market
Mazatlan Central Market: Fish Monger
Mazatlan Central Market: The Pork Section
Mazatlan Central Market: A Whole Cow  
Mazatlan Central Market: ChickenFeet
Mazatlan Central Market:Fruit/Vegetables
Picnic with new Mexican Friends at StoneIsland
Michele with Iguanas on Stone Island
     Beach at Stone Island with palapa hut Restaurants              
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