Journey with us through our Journal 
As Seen through the Eyes of Michele, the Scribe for this Journey 
PROLOGUE:  October - December, 2001: Preparation for Departure 
CHAPTER 1:  December 30, 2001: Day of Departure...Farewells and Bon Voyage 
CHAPTER 2: December 31, 2001- Jan. 4, 2002: New Year's In Ensenada and Travels to San Quintin 
CHAPTER 3:  January 7 -11, 2002: Turtle Bay, Ballena Bay and Magdalena Bay 
CHAPTER 4:  January 14-15, 2002: Relaxing in Bahia Santa Maria and Trading for Lobsters 
CHAPTER 5:  January 16 - 22, 2002: Land Ho... Arrival in Cabo San Lucas 
CHAPTER 6:  January 30 - February 5, 2002 : The Not-So-"Perfect-Storm” 
CHAPTER 7:  February 5-February 24th, 2002 --Bay of the Dead and La Paz at Last 
CHAPTER 8:  March 10-March 19, 2002: Still In La Paz and holding… 
CHAPTER 9:  March 21- April 2nd, 2002 Island Hopping in the Sea of Cortez and “The Crossing” to Mazatlan 
CHAPTER 10:  April 12-17, 2002:  Being a Tourist and Having Fun in Mazatlan 
CHAPTER 11:  April 25- May 15, 2002:  Leaving Mazatlan, Cruising South Along the Gold Coast and Arrival Into Puerto Vallarta 
CHAPTER 12:  May 28 - June 7, 2002: Beautiful Puerto Vallarta and Preparations to Return Home for the Summer  
CHAPTER 13:  October 13 - October 31, 2002: Return to Puerto Vallarta and Hurricane Kenna 
CHAPTER 14: November 8th- December 2nd, 2002: Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude: South from Puerto Vallarta to Zihuatanejo 
CHAPTER 15:  December 13th , 2002 - January 16th, 2003: Hot Happy Holidays in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo 
CHAPTER 16:  January 18th - March 27th, 2003: Return to Final Port in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta and Preparations to "Puddle Jump" 
CHAPTER 17:  April 2nd- April 27th, 2003: “We’ve Had Good Days and Bad Days and Going-Half-Mad-Days”--Pacific Crossing Notes 
CHAPTER 18: April 26th - May 18th, 2003: Land Ho!! -- Marquesan Adventure (French Polynesia) 
CHAPTER 19: May 20th-June 17th, 2003: Two "Motus"  in the Tuamotus:Manihi and Rangiroa (French Polynesia)  
CHAPTER 20: June 20th - July 31st, 2003: Not Quite the Same as Michner's South Pacific (The Society Islands of French Polynesia) 
CHAPTER 21: August 6th- August 31st, 2003: Rarotonga (Cook Islands) and Niue… New Zealand's Pacific Island Jewels   
CHAPTER 22: September 1st - October 3rd, 2003: The Kingdom of Tonga-- Paradise Found 
CHAPTER 23: October 8th, 2003-October 31st, 2004: Fiji-- The Cannibal Isles 
CHAPTER 24: April 21st - July 4th, 2004: Bad "Luck," Bad Weather, and More Mis-Adventures in Fiji 
CHAPTER 25:  July 8th- August 6th, 2004: Vanuatu -- The Pacific Ring of Fire 
CHAPTER 26: August 7th-September 2nd, 2004: The Land of the Kanaks, New Caledonia 
CHAPTER 27: September 8th-29th, 2004:  Arrival to Land Down Under, Australia 
CHAPTER 28:  March 6th - April 6th, 2005:  G’Day Mates: Travels to Melbourne and Sydney 
CHAPTER 29: April 9th to May 19th, 2005: Cruising Up the “Sunshine Coast” to the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsunday Islands 
CHAPTER 30:  May 23rd to July 18th, 2005: Australia Adventure Continues-- North Queensland and Over the Top 
CHAPTER 31: July 23rd to August 25th, 2005: Eastern Indonesia-Timor to Bali 
CHAPTER 32: September 1st-October 23rd, 2005: Bali and Borneo 
CHAPTER 33: March 6th to May 14th: Bali to Singapore: Half-Way Around But--Disappointments and Surprising Life-Changing Decisions  
CHAPTER 34: May to July, 2006: Singapore and Malaysia 
CHAPTER 35: June, 2006: 10 Day Trip to Vietnam… WONDERFUL New Experiences and Revisiting the Past! 
CHAPTER 36: July, 2006: 2 Week Trip to Thailand (Changmai in the North and Bangkok) 
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