July 2004 
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Fiji in Our "Rear View Mirror" -- Off to Vanuatu
Village Chief's Son, Stanley, Greets Us Upon Arrival
Charlie w/His Family Paddle Alongside to Talk
Joe in the Dinghy Talking to Charlie
 Chief Ronnie at Village in Port Resolution,Tanna
Joe With Trees Villagers Use for Weaving
 Village Huts
More Village Huts
Women in Village Weaving Basket
Flowers in Village
Stanley's House With Washing Machine and Compactor
Clinic (Only Non-Thatched Building in Village)
Michele with Children on Beach at Port Resolution
Children Swimming inside Reef off Village
Joe and Michele at Port Resolution "Yacht Club"
Inside Yacht Club--Flags from All Over
Mi Gitana-- Port Resolution
Mi Gitana-- Port Resolution
Jon Frum Religion -- Red Crosses
Roadside Market -- Kava on the Ground
Stanley, Our Guide -- At Roadside Vegetable Stand
Tom, Joe, Thakla, and Stanley with our 4-Wheeler
Women Washing Clothes at Ocean Shore
Children along Ocean Shore with Laundry Women
Local Woman and Child under Banyan Tree
Colorful Woven House in Lenakel
Men Playing Bocci Ball at Roadside
Driving Over River Bed at Base of Volcano
Approaching Volcano Base (Smoke Out Top)
Volcano (and Ashes/Black Sand) from a Distance
Michele and Joe at Rim of Volcano
Volcanic Lava Rocks Surround Us
Close up of Smoke Coming Out the Top
Smoke From One Crater and Steam from Another
Picture of Craters Taken from Above Rim
Another Picture Taken of Craters from Above Rim
Sunset Approaches                  
Another Photo at Sunset
Volcano Lights Up as Sun Goes Down
Another Picture at Dusk
Sunset Arrival at Dillon's Bay--Island of Erromango
Children Along River Come to Greet Us in Our Dinghy
Bright Blue Medical Clinic at Dillon Bay Village
Joe Walking Through Village at Dillon's Bay
Michele on Path to Village at Dillon's Bay
Central Market Produce at Port Vila, Efate
Women and Children Sit Between Stalls at Market
 Women with Their Children at Market
Lap-Lap, National Dish of Vanuatu-- in Market
Lettuce "Strung" Up -- 10 Heads of Butter Lettuce for $2.00
Even the Babies Wear Mother Hubbard Dresses
Joe Walking the Plank to Get Onto our Boat-- Port Vila
Whaaaaaaaaa! I Want Mommie!
Roadside Coffee "Break" at Small Village
Michele in Coconut Grove along North Side of Efate
Village Woman Grates Fresh Coconut for Us
Michele Getting in Outrigger Canoe to Go Up River
Children Waving to Us on Bridge Above
Chief of Village Blows Conch Shell to Welcome Our Arrival
Village Men Lead us Into their Village
Chief and Village Elders Play on Carved Drums
 Bird Dance
Foot Anklets the Men Wear
Joe Poses with "Cannibals"
 Joe Drinks Fresh Coconut Juice
 Local "String Band" Entertain us at Lunch at Sara Beach
World War II Mini-Tank ... Left Behind on Efate Shoreline
Jungle Vines Taken Over Island, also WWII Left-Behinds
 Joe under Banyan Tree
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