San Diego to Cabo San Lucas 
Read Journal Chapters 1-6, for the stories behind these photos! 
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 Bon Voyage Party
 Departing San Diego for our Voyage
   Finally On Our Way
 Underway At Last
 Huge Swells and our Dolphin Escorts
 Sunsets While Going Down Baja Coast
 New Years Eve in Ensenada
 Another Sunset While Underway down Coast
 Fisherman Joe
 Success at Last... Our first Caught Fish
Condos Lining Shoreline as we Approach Cabo
  More Condos, Lands End, Eye of Needle,Cabo
Eye of the Needle @ Land's End, Cabo San Lucas
 Cruise Ship Leaving Bay at Cabo San Lucas
Looking over Beach At Cabo San Lucas
Looking Downtown Cabo at Sunset
  Full Moon Rise Over Beach at Cabo
 Mi Gitana at Marina at Cabo San Lucas
 Cabo Sunset
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