Society Islands, French Polynesia: Tahiti, Moorea, Huahini, Bora Bora 
July 2003 
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Downtown Papeete, Tahiti and the "Quay"
Outrigger Canoes Line up for a Race at Sunset
Fresh Chocolate Croissants at the Market
"Autonomy" Parade -- Tahitian Flag
Tahitians Parade in Colorful Dresses and Shirts
More Participants in the Parade
Night Time Roulettes Along the Waterfront
Whole Baby Calf (Veal) on a Spit) at the Roulettes
Tunas for Sale in Papeete Open-Air Market
Colorful Fish (Parrot Fish up Front) in Market
Making Cane Juice from Sugar Cane
Sailing Cruise Ship, Windstar
Approaching Cook's Bay, Moorea
 Mi Gitana Safely at Anchor in Cook's Bay
Taking a Day Off Boat Chores for "Safari" Tour
Michele in Ancient Ceremonial Grounds
Joe atop Moorea Lookout
Joe and Michele Overlooking Opunohu Bay
Lagoon "Paradise"
Opunohu Bay/Lagoon (with Sheraton Hotel)
Mountain Top View Down to Cook's Bay
Sofitel Resort on East Side of Moorea
Joe and Michele at Pineapple Distillery
Moorea's Pineapple Fields
Tahitian Dancers Perform for Competition
Head Dresses of Dancers-- Quite Spectacular
One More Shot of Dancers
Out Rigger Canoes Compete for Championship
Approaching Reef Entrance... a Scarey Sight!
Safely Inside the Reef... Beautiful Lagoon Colors
Joe in Dinghy in Aqua Lagoon of Avea Bay
Local Friends  -- Come to Visit Our Boat
 Joe and Edwin (Roopinia)
Michele with Native Children Aboard Mi Gitana
Approaching Bora Bora
Safe at Anchor at Bora Bora
Michele in Front of Bora Bora Yacht Club
Joe Outside Bora Bora Yacht Club
French President Chirac Visits Bora Bora
Colorful Crowd at Pres. Chirac's Speech
Protestant Church in Bora Bora
Anchorage Lagoon View on Bora Bora
Our Crew On Lagoon Tour Sing for Us Enroute
Michele in Front of our Outrigger (for Tour)
Joe Next to Out Rigger
Both of Us Pose with Outrigger
Our Crew Prepare Food and Woven "Plates"
Motu Picnic Lunch
Guide Gives Coconut Shelling Demonstration
Joe Tries His Luck... Harder Than it Looks!
Success! A Coconut at Last
Dancing and Music by our Hosts at Picnic
Michele Cools Off in Lagoon
Michele Feeding Sting Ray Next to Outrigger
Famous Bloody Mary's Restaurant
Famous Bloody Mary's Restaurant
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