Tuamotus, French Polynesia 
Manihi and Rangiroa, June, 2003 
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Difficult To See Atolls From a Distance
Anchored in Front of Motu in Manihi
Squally Day at Anchor in the Lagoon
Sunset Over Anchorage in Manihi Lagoon
Pearl Farm "House" on Stilts at Manihi
Joe in Pearl Farm Boat off to Tour the "Farm"
Jane, our Host, for Pearl Farm Tour
Pearl in Oyster
Displaying Black Pearl Samples
Half Gallon of Black Pearl "Rejects"
Joe Collecting Shells and Coral at Manihi
Beach Bar-b-que with South African Cruisers
Pearl Kia Ora Hotel off Anchorage: Rangiroa
Joe and Michele at Kia Ora Hotel: Rangiroa
Feeding Remora Fish off Side of Dinghy
Hotel Dance Show at Kia Ora
Joe and Hog along Road in Rangiroa
More Dancers at Hotel
Weaving Palm Leaves at Rangiroa Lagoon
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