The Kingdom of Tonga 
September 2003 
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Neiafu Market Place
Local Tongan, Sings us a Song on Mi Gitana
Invitation to Join Alofi's Family in their Home
Alofi Shows us his Family's Handicrafts
Alofi Shows us Kava Root for Making Kava
Alofi's Pig and Pigletts
Saying Goodbye in Front of Alofi's Home
Joe Takes a Break from the Rain
Joe holds Tongan War Club in Handicraft Store
Little Tongan Girl Poses in Handicraft Store
Local Woman Weaving Large Laundry Basket
Local Tongan Women aboard S.V. Morgana
Rebecca Performs Belly Dance Aboard Morgana
Out to one of the Many other Islands/Anchorages
Ian (SV Deja Vu) Cooking at Beach BBQ
Jenny (SV Deja Vu) at Beach BBQ
Steve and Laura Entertain at Beach BBQ
Michele in Dinghy Outside Swallow's Cave
Joe Inside Swallow's Cave (in Dinghy)
Looking Out from Swallow's Cave
Many Islands Very Close to Each Other
Michele's Broken Ankle all Casted Up
Another Beautiful Anchorage: Ovalu Island
On Taunga Island Looking Out
A Day's Shell Collecting at Anchorage Reefs
Anchor Stuck in Coral Rock
Tongan War Club Dance
Tongan Fire Dancer
Our New Crew Person, Julie at Helm
Looking Down at Sunset over Neiafu Harbor
Swiss Lady Passing Us Up Enroute to Fiji
Crossing the Meridian/ Date Line
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