Land Journey 
June 2006 
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Arrival at Hanoi Airport -- Flowers from our Guide
Welcome Dinner at French Bistro
Woman Carrying Tradional Baskets Down Street
Motorcycles Everywhere
Colorful Kite Shop
Scene by Lake in Central Hanoi
Close-up by Lake
Joe and Michele with Hanoi Tour Guide
We All 4 Get Individual Pedicab Rides
 Joe and Lois in Pedicabs
 Pedicabs Maneuver Through Crowded Street Traffic
Mother and Child on Motorcycle
Crowded Streets of Hanoi
Tall Thin Houses with French Style Decor Line Streets
Gunter/Joe Pose with Woman in Temple
 Joe in front of "Education" Temple
Joe in Front of Ancient Stellite
Lois Rubs Turtle for Wisdom in "Education" Temple
 Temple Sacred "Bird"
Temple Dragons on Roofline
Lois, Gunter, and Guide Look at Ancient Giant Drums
Singers  w/ Traditional Ancient Instruments
Offering Table in Temple
View of Temple
Offerings Given in "Temple of Education"
Confusious Statue in Temple of Education
Hanoi "War Museum"
 Planes in War Museum
"Uncle Ho" Chi Minh Statue
Crashed Plane/Collage at War Museum
Hanoi Hilton Remnants with Modern Highrise Today
 Simulated Prisoners in Hanoi "Hilton"
Hanoi "Hilton" Dungeon Sign
 Another Simulated Prisoner Depicted in Leg Irons
 Sign Regarding Treatment of POW's in Hanoi Hilton
Photo of Senator John McCain-- as Prisoner of War
 Michele One Night at Dinner Out
 Cooking Class Instructor Takes us on Market Tour
Old Lady in Market
Motorcycles Even Crowd in Market Aisles
Live Frogs and Fish For Sale in Market
Woman "Aerating" her Fish to Keep Alive in Market
Roasted Dog for Sale
"Fresh" (Unrefrigerated) Meat For Sale in Market
Back to Classroom--Using Bamboo to Steam Pork
Banana Flower Salad
 Preparing Chicken Skewers Wrapped in Lime Leaves
Hot off the Grill-- Chicken Skewers
"Junk" Style Boats at Halong Bay
Dragon Carving on Front of Our Tour Boat
Hundreds of Boats in the Fleet of Tourist Boats
Water Village House with Limestone Pinacles
Close-up of Water Village House
Water Village Lady Selling Snacks and Water
Junk Tied up to Water Village House
Michele with Limestone Formation
Halong Bay Junk Boat With Sails Up
We Had Boat to Ourselves
Private Seafood Lunch aboard our Junk
Lois Looking Down Over Halong Bay
Looking Down on Our Junk from Limestone Caves
Inside One of Limestone Caves
Lady Selling Fruit From Her Boat Approaches Us
Young Vietnamese Boy in Boat on Bay
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