About Joe and Michele 
                             Captain Joe Jenners 
                  Ham Radio Licence #:  KG6iiC 
With 24 years in the Navy as a Naval Officer aboard numerous ships, Joe Jenners certainly has seen his share of the world's oceans and experienced not only various sea conditions but also various cultures... And now he is at it again only on much smaller vessels than the carrier, amphibs & destroyers he used to serve on.  But he's still in charge in the role of Captain, Navigator, Engineer, Diesel Mechanic, Electrician, and Jack-of-all Repairs aboard Mi Gitana.  He has owned 4 sailboats (from 14-37ft.) prior to Mi Gitana and with that, has over 35 years of sailing experience.  After retiring from the Navy in 1982, Joe worked as an electrical engineer until 1993,  when he left the work force to retire in San Diego for a 2nd time to a life of living aboard and working on his sailboat and playing tennis. Joe has 4 children and 8 grandchildren all living in Southern California.   
Joe holds a current US Coast Guard Captain's license for operating vessels up to 50 tons.
                      Captain Michele Scott 
           Ham Radio License # KG6iHR 
Michele Scott also served 26 years in the Military and, like Joe, is a Retired Naval Officer, although her duties were as a Navy Nurse and did not take her out to sea on Naval Ships.  However, she's lived in 4 foreign countries, and traveled in over 30 countries.  She started sailing on small 22-25' sail boats in 1985 while stationed in the Philippines, and has never since got the sailing "bug" out of her. She captained and delivered bare boat charters (36-47') for several years before she met, fell in love, and married Joe. Then the dream of owning her first boat (and what a dream boat come true!) became a reality in 1997 when she and Joe bought Mi Gitana. Aboard, she assumes the role of Co-Captain/1st Mate, Helmsman, Nurse, Cook, Sail Repairer, and Scribe (journal and log keeper). After retiring from the Navy in 1994, Michele continued her Nursing career in several different jobs in the San Diego area until her retirement September 2001, 3 months prior to their circumnavigation departure on Mi Gitana. She has one son and a sister, living in San Diego area and her Mother, Step-father, and Brother living in Orlando, Florida .  
Michele also holds a current US Coast Guard Captain's license for operating vessels less than 50 tons. 
Joe and Michele met in May of 1997 through a Sailing Personal ad that was placed in a local Sailing newspaper (Santana): Joe had his ad under "Looking FOR Crew" and Michele had hers under "Looking TO Crew." Michele went sailing with Joe on his boat (at that time, he owned a brand new 37' Hunter)... But it was NOT love at first site, in fact far from it. They didn't even come close to LIKING each other. But circumstances destined them to meet again, and cupid's arrow must have been shot as love came quickly on this second sailing encounter.  They both had relationship goals of meeting their special someone that shared an equal dream of sailing around the world in a sturdy sailing vessel and had found this dream could become a possibility between the 2 of them. Within 3 months they were engaged and 2 months after that, they found through an extensive boat search, their dream boat -- their "sturdy vessel", Mi Gitana.  11 months later, on April 17th, 1998 they were married. While Michele continued working (to help with the expenses of refitting Mi Gitana readying her for the planned future circumnavigation) Joe worked almost full time for over 4 years (until the day of departure) on "boat projects."  
They sold Michele's house in San Diego and custom built their dream home (in 2001) right on the ocean a little North of Rosarito Beach, 12 miles south of the border in Baja California.  On their "breaks" from their current circumnavigation, (leaving Mi Gitana behind) they fly home to spend their "vacations" at this home.
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