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Our Completed Itinerary (see also Destinations/Charts)
Jan 2002:                       Down Western Coastline of Baja California, Mexico from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas 
                                           approximately 2 weeks in passage with planned 2-3 week stay in Cabo San Lucas 
Feb-mid-March 2002:        North to Eastern Coastline of Baja California to La Paz 
                                            approximately 5-7 days in passage with planned one month stay in La Paz (at Marina La Paz) 
Mid-March -1 April 2002: Visit several Islands in Southern Sea of Cortez and then passage across Sea to        
                                            Mazatlan in Mainland Mexico 
April 2002:                          Mazatlan 
                                            one month stay at El Cid Marina and Resort in Mazatlan 
May 1-15 2002:                   Down "Gold Coast" of Mainland Mexico to Puerto Vallarta 
                                            approximately 2 week passage with anchorage stops (Isla Isabella, Chacala, Punta de Mita) 
Mid-May-2 Nov 2002:       Puerto Vallarta at Paradise Village and Marina Resort (in Nuevo Vallarta) 
NOTE: 13 June -12 October2002: Joe / Michele return home to San Diego& their home in Rosarito Beach for "vacation" but boat remains in Puerto Vallarta  
2-25 Nov 2002:                   Continue down "Gold Coast" of Mainland Mexico to Manzanillo area to Barra de Navidad 
                                            2 week trip with multiple anchorage stops + 1 week at Grand Bay Hotel Resort Marina in Barra Navidad 
25 Nov 2002-6 Jan 2003:   Continue down Gold Coast to Ixtapa/ Zueuatanejo 
                                           2 day trip to Ixtapa; stay in Resort Marina there with some time at anchorage at "Z-town" 
6 Jan - 2 Feb 2003:             Depart Z-town/Ixtapa and head back North to Manzanillio area to Las Hadas Resort and back to Barra de Navidad 
                                            2 day trip back to Las Hadas, then to Barra de Navidad staying for 3 weeks at the Grand Bay Hotel and Marina  
2 Feb-13 Feb  2003:            Continue North back to Puerto Vallarta (Paradise Village Marina and Resort) 
                                            11 day trip back to PV with multiple anchorage stops en route  
12 Feb- 1 April  2003          Dockside in Puerto Vallarta (Paradise Village Marina):  
                                            Prepare for our Long 3000 mile Passage to the South Pacific 
2 April-18 May 2003:         24 day/ 3,000 mile passage to Marquesas (Island Group of French Polynesia) 
                                            Arrived 26 April; toured 4 of the 8 Marquesan Islands; departed 18 May for 500 mile passage to Tuamotus 
May 18-June 16 2003:      Travel from Marquesas to Manihi, Tuomotos (Island group of French Polynesia) 
                                            6  day passage to atoll of Manihi, 2 weeks there, then travelled to 2nd Atoll, Rangiroa 
16 June-1 August 2003:     Travel from Tuomotos to Papeete, Tahiti (Island Group of French Polynesia) and then travel throughout windward                                              (Tahiti and Moorea) and leeward (Huahini and Bora Bora) islands of Society Islands in French Polynesia       
5 - 31 August 2003:             Depart French Polynesia for Islands of Rarotonga (Cook Islands) and Niue  
                                            5 day passage From Bora Bora to Rarotonga, 11 days visiting there; then another 6 day passage to Niue in the worse storm of our                                              life; and a short 4 day visit in Niue before leaving for Tonga 
1 - 29 September 2003:      Tonga:  2 1/2 day passage from Niue to Tonga followed by 3 1/2 weeks visiting 5 different islands in Vava'u Group 
3 Oct- 2 Nov 2003:             Arrive in Fiji  --Viti Levu Island at Vuda Marina: prepared boat for "hauling" out of water for Typhoon season 
NOTE: 2 November 2003- 18 April 2004: Joe / Michele return home to San Diego &  their home in Rosarito Beach for "vacation" but boat remains in marina in Fiji     
April  2004:                           Prepare Mi Gitana to begin cruising again  
May - July 2004:                  Cruise throughout Fiji 
8 July-8 August 2004:          Vanuatu, including the islands of Tanna, Erromango, and Efate           
7-10 Aug 2004:                     Passage from Port Villa (Vanuatu) to Noumea (New Caldonia) 330 mile trip  
10 Aug- 8 Sept 2004:            4 week visit to New Caledonia 
9-16 Sept 2004                     Depart Noumea, New Caldonia for Brisbane Australia: 760 mile trip (approximately7- 8 days at sea) 
16 Sept- 6 October 2004:    Brisbane, Australia in Queensland 
NOTE:  Mid-October 2004- March 2005: Joe / Michele return to San Diego & their home in Rosarito Beach for "vacation" but boat remains in marina in Australia 
March 2005:                       Land travel throughout Eastern Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, and adjacent wine valleys) and prepare boat for cruising season  
April-May 2005:                 Departed Scarboro Marina (Brisbane Area), Travelling North to Great Barrier Reef to Townsville 
May-July 2005:                 Townsville to Cairns, Island Hopping in Great Barrier Reef and Over Top to Northern Territories to Gove and Darwin 
July-August 2005:              Joined a cruising Rally from Darwin Australia to Indonesia (Including  Island stops at West Timor, Alor, Flores, Komodo,   
                                           Banta, Lombok and ending in Bali) 
August-October 2005:       Land Vacationing in Bali; flew to Kota Kinabalu, Borneo for 10 day touring of Sabah, Malaysia, Northern Borneo 
NOTE:  25-October 2005- 6 March 2006: Joe / Michele return to San Diego & their home in Rosarito Beach for "vacation" but boat remains in marina at Bali, Indonesia 
March 2006:                       Return to Bali, Indonesia and prepare Mi Gitana to begin cruising again 
April  2006:                         Trip from Bali to Singapore (around 1,000 miles);  
May - Current 2006           Mi Gitana remains in Singapore; Michele and Joe Travel around SE Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand) by air 
                                           and landPlan to stay for extended time in Singapore (Raffles Marina) 
Note: As of July 2006 Mi Gitana has been put up for sale; Michele and Joe managed to complete a Semi-Circumnavigation (A little more than Half Way Around the World)  in their 5 year cruise.   Future plans for Joe and Michele include travels by air, land and sea (but not aboard Mi Gitana... i.e. THE EASY WAY) to Egypt, Turkey and the Mediterranean with perhaps a few "chartered" sail trips in the mix. 
Future updates to this website will be of LAND TRAVELS 
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