Land Journey 
July 2006 
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Changmai and Northern
Area of Thailand
Joe at the Night Market in central Changmai
Wax Carving for Candle Festival (Buddhist "Lent")
Parade Down Street of Changmai
Taking Offerings to Buddhist Temples for "Lent"
More Participants and "Offerings" in Procession
Thai Lady in Procession
Dragon in Front of Temple in Changmai       
Close up of Dragon in Gold and Cut Colored Glass
 Thai Cooking Class Goes to Market
Bugs (?Crickets) for Sale in Market
 Dragon Fruit in Market
  Classroom Demonstration of Thai Dishes
 Michele Grinding with Mortar/Pestle
Orchids are Everywhere in Thailand
Private Tour in our Own Mercedes Van
 Typical Classical Temple Roofline Architecture
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep-- One of Most Sacred Temples
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep--Enormous Gold Stupa
 Close-up of the Gold Stupa
Michele and Joe in Front of Stupa
Gold Buddha Image in Front of Stupa
More Shots of Stupa
Carved Roofline in Gold and Cut Colored Glass
Close-up of the Details of Roofline
Joe in Front of Another Part of Doi Suthep Temple
Michele at Part of Temple
More Ornate Temple Rooflines
Dragon Entrance to Temple
Beautiful Carved Teak Roofline
Different Countryside Temple
Joe and our Changmai Guide at Ancient Temple
Close-up of Ancient Temple
Joe and Guide in Front of Buddhist Ordination Hall
Dog Poses with Flower Boquet Temple "Offerings"
Flower Temple "Offerings"
 Wooden "Braces" to Support Holy Tree
Hindu Elephant "God" in Buddhist Temple
Giant Cut-Down Teak Tree Used for Carving Furniture
Lady Hand Carving Furniture from Teak
Another Teak Furniture Carver
Intricate 3 Dimensional Carving
Making Bamboo Frame for Parasols
Placing Mulberry Bark on Parasols
Hand Painted Completed Parasol
Silk Worms Cocoons are Used to Make Silk Thread
Silk Threads are Hand Woven on Looms into Thai Silk
Joe and Our Changmai Guide on Suspension Bridge
Joe and Michele Feeding Elephants
Joe Feeding Elephant
Elephants Head for Morning Bath
Elephant's Bath
Elephants Demonstrating Logging Methods
Elephant Ride in Rain Forest
Riding Through Creek Beds in Forest
And Even Waist High in River
Hill Tribe Children Watch Tourists at Elephant Camp
Lisu Hill Tribe Children Pose for Photo
Joe Talks to Lisu Tribe Children
 Down River on Bamboo Raft
Joe Enjoying His River Raft Ride
Our Guide Uses Bamboo Poles
Padaung Village--Home of "Long Neck" Women
Long Neck Women Wear Bronze Rings Around Neck
Close-up of Lady
Weaving in Their Village is a Means of Support
Even the Girl Children Have the Rings
Some of Ladies Even Wear Rings on Their Legs
Joe With One of Padaung Long Neck Tribe Children
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