Bali to Singapore 
March -May 2006 
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Revisiting Bali Bomb Memorial
List of Deceased from Bali Bomb
Kuta Beach -- Almost Deserted of Tourists
Kuta Beach-- Surf Board Renters With No Business
Chris Catches First Fish of the Season--A Baracuda
Muslim Girls at Pier in Bawean Wanting to Practice English
Old and Young Come to Stare at Us Tied to Pier
More Curious Onlookers at Bawean Pier
Colorful Large Fishing Boats in Bawean
 Fishing Boat Come Close to Us for a Look
Ceiling Cracked /Bulkhead Bulging from Moving Mast
Mi Gitana Anchored in Bay at Bawean Is., Indonesia
Chris Makes Friends Quickly with Locals
Water Spout (Tornado) Approaches Us in Bawean
Our Indonesian Tow Boat Pulls Up Alongside
Chris Goes Aboard Tow Boat
Getting Ready to Pass Us the Tow Line
Chris Already Making Friends on Tow Boat
Beautiful Sunset as We Depart Bawean
Small Fishing Boat Going Out To Sea For the Night
Calm Seas... But Tow Boat a Little Too Close
Now We're a Little Further Back
Crossing the Equator Going North--OO.OOO Latitude
Chris Back Aboard-- Glassy Seas in Riau Is. Group
Chris on Bow Pulpit
Singapore Skyline -- Black and Stormy Day
Singapore Straits
Surrounded by Boat  "Islands!"
Chris Leaves Us and Departs on Wooden Schooner
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