Bali, Indonesia And Northern Borneo, Malaysia 
August to  October 2005 
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We are Definitely in a New Place!
Small Offerings to Spirits Everywhere You Go and Walk
Joe with Monkey at Ulu Watu Temple
View from Cliff at Ulu Watu Temple
Joe and Michele in Temple "attire" at Ulu Watu Temple
Monkey in Tree at Temple
Monkey with Surf Below at Ulu Watu
Stone Carved Elephant God, Ganesh, at Ulu Watu
Kecek "Dance"--Chanters with Rama and Sita
Sita and Monkey King
Ulu Watu Temple at Sunset
Joe at our "Villa" Entrance with our Demon Protector
Flags Line White Sand Beach at Sanur
Even a Place to Pray on the Beach
Local Outrigger on Sanur Beach
Hotel Employees Put on Dance as We Dine on Beach
Close-up of Hotel Dance Performers             
Happy Hour with Lois and Gunter at our Sanur Hotel
Making Flower "Offering" Outside One of Hotels
Pacific Bliss Departs Bali Marina
Mythical Barong Enters Stage for Barong Dance
Close-up of Head of Barong
Rangda, the Evil Witch Enters the Stage
Graceful Female Dancers at Barong Dance
Beautiful Balinese Dancer
Monkey Plays Part in Barong Dance
Women Paint Designs in Wax on Batik
Joe in Front of Temple Having Celebration
Inside Lady Brings Offerings to Temple
Joe Next to One of Shrines with Offerings
Decorative Pig's Head Offering
Priest Praying at Temple
Frieze at one of Shrines
Lady Sits with More Temple Offerings
Barong (Good Spirit) Mask in One of Temple Shrines
Ornate Carvings All Throughout Temple
Tropical Flowers All Around
 Frangipani (Plumeria) Flowers Everywhere in Trees
Huge Jackfruit Hanging from Trees
Monkeys line the Walls in Monkey Forest, Ubud
Baby Monkeys at Monkey Forrest
Mother Breast-feeding Baby Monkey
Temple in Monkey Forest
Joe at Temple Entrance
Monkey Sits on Demon Head at Temple Entrance
Joe Relaxes in Balinese Bed in Ubud Hotel
Casa Luna Cooking School: Owner and Instructor
Making Balinese "sauces" in Cooking Class
Huge Volcanic Stone Mortar and Pestals Used in Class
 Joe, Michele and Guide at "Elephant" Temple
Joe Looking at Temple
Simple Offerings Left at Carved Demon Shrine at Temple
Ornate Carvings at Temple Shrine
Pretty Indonesian Girl Bringing Offering to Temple
Woman Leaving Offering at Temple
Women Immersing Themselves in Holy Water at Temple
Ornate Spire on Top of Palm Frond Roof Top
Carving in Temple
Carving with Golden Shrine in Background
Lady Walking Down Country Road
Whole Family Bringing Offerings to Their Local Temple
Mountain Country-side Views of Rice Terraces
Michele with Rice Terraces in Background
Bali's Famous Rice Terraces
Artist Painting Eggs With Intricate Designs
Wood Carvers in Town of Mas
Close-up of Wood Carver at Work
 Joe Relaxing in Bale Outside our Cottage in Lovina
Michele and Joe at Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary
Orang Utans Awaiting Feeding Time
Swinging Over to Feeding Platform   
Closer View
Showing Off
Bananas Arrive to Feeding Platform
Big Guy Hogs Several Bundles          
Male Holding Onto Female's Foot Across Ropes
Joe Watching On At As Orang Utans "Entertain" Tourists
Our River Boat for Trip into Rainforest
Very High Speed River Boat Trip
 Michele and Joe on River Boat
Proboscis Monkeys In the Wild
Female Proboscis Monkey Watches Us
Male Proboscis Monkey Up Tree
 Macaque Monkey on River Bank
River Lodge That We Stayed At
 Sandekan Water Village                  
Satellite Dish in Contrast to the Poor of the Water Houses
 Joe in Front of Water Village of Sandekan
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