Eastern Indonesia-Timor to Bali  
July 23rd to August 25th, 2005 
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Pre-Dawn Arrival into Kupang Harbour
Locals Line Up On Shore to Watch Rally Sailboats
Beach and Teddy's Bar Welcome Sign
Teddy's Outdoor Bar and Restaurant-- Rally HDQ
Kupang Comes to Officially "Welcome" Yachties
"Mayor" of Kupang (left)
Barbecue Welcome Dinner
Joe "Welcomed" With Ikat and 2 Timor Girls
Michele with (Towering Over) Kupang "Official"
Michele with Timor Girls
Timor and Roti Boys
Timor Dancers
"Please Take a Picture of Me"           
Special Traditional "Hats" from Island of Roti
Banana Section of Outdoor Market
Muslim Woman at Outdoor Market
Selling Live Poultry at Market
Monkey on Side of Road
Sassando Traditional Instrument of Roti Island
Boy Playing Sassando
Old Man Singing and Dancing with Sassando Playing
Timor Children Watching Us
Ikat Weaving
Kupang Sunset with 2 Rally Boats
Dinghies on Beach Over Kupang Harbour
Lois and Michele at Governor's Dinner
One of Youngest Cruisers, Luna, and Mom
Joe With Beauty Pageant Winner           
Dinner Entertainment with Lots of Traditional Dancers
More Dancers and Drummers                
Joe Joins In With Dancing
Male Dancers                                       
Fish Traps in Route to Kalabahi
Close Up of Fish Traps
Alor Children in Canoe Coming to Take a Closer Look
Indonesian Style Boats at Harbour Dock
Town Officials Come to Anchorage to Welcome Us
Official Welcome Boat In Anchorage
One of Many Local Mosques
Ross, Our Crew, Riding in Back of Bemo
School Children
More School Children Pose for Pictures
Warrior Statue in Town Square
Ushers Guide Us To VIP Viewing Stand for Expo
Joe and Alor Lady at Expo
Ladies Traditional Hair Ornaments
 Expo Begins with Islanders Parading
Islanders Parade in Traditional Dress
Islanders Pose For Photos
Young Also Participate in Expo
Muslim Ladies Watch Expo                   
 Village Ladies in Their Island Attire
Village Elder at Expo
Village Family in Traditional Dress
 Fishing Nets Hang Along Shoreline
Small Fishing Village
Joe and Gunter (Pacific Bliss) on Dive Boat
Small Village Along Shoreline
Locals Stare at Us as We Walk By
Local Fishing Boat Approaching Shore
Villagers Greet Us as We Approach By Bus
Michele Poses, A Head Above Village People
Village Elders Greet Us With Gongs
Joe Shakes Hands of Village Children
600 Year Old Koran Written on Animal Skins
Lady Shares With Us Her Treasured Moko Drum
Village Women in Traditional Ikat Sarongs
Old Anchor From Dutch Rule
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